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Sparkle Baby Crib Set Delivery

“Having a design concept come to fruition, and then it also being complete perfection, makes me love what I do even more” Elonka Perez

Most don’t know what goes into the mind of a designer, let alone someone like Elonka. She’s a very introvert person, and usually when she’s in design mode, she will have all these ideas in her head and then share them with us…in the end though the design is only about 80% of what she originally designed. What’s even better is that it’s always better than the original plan.

When a client comes to us and wants to have a custom bedding designed for her, we’re going to do just that! That means going out of way to find the colors and patterns she is looking for and wanting, even when we do not carry it ourselves; of course this delays the time in which you will receive it, but you will know that no one else will have what you have, and that is what makes it pretty special.

Branching out and getting other fabrics, prints, colors, can mean waiting 4 weeks to receive your shipment, and I’m really talking about that being on our end. Seeing a digital design of fabric online, and then getting a sample swatch is nothing in comparison to when we receive the entire bolt of fabric, and then being able to apply it to the design in mind. We always get super excited when new fabric arrives.

It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s bright, and it feels like it’s been a long time coming!

We had the luxury today, for the first time, to install a custom bedding for a client that wanted her daughter to have the most luxurious and special bedding she could offer. Elonka has always wanted the ability to be able to design the entirety of someone’s bedroom, of any age range, and to be able to come personally to their home and bring it together. It makes what was the small custom idea, like bedding, then turn into this grander project, and seeing someone like Elonka design an entire bedroom is really magic in the making.

Living in the PSNW allows our followers to be able to have this service available to you, and we want you to take full advantage of that.

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