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Weighted Blanket – All Ages


Due to High Demand of our items, current wait times range anywhere from  6-8 on Weighted Blankets. All sales are final. Processing times are business days. We are a small family owned business. Weekends and Holidays are spent with our kiddos and families
Studio Hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Weighted Blanket Uses:

Sensory Processing Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, Restless Leg Syndrome… more!

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Thank you so much for your interest in our weighted blankets. These have helped so many people both young and old!! 
Yes our demand is very high and our shipping times reflect that. Our current processing times are 6-8 weeks Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all…. 

Our Weighted Blankets offer the perfect comfort for your high – energy child. Traditionally weighted blankets are used for therapeutic purposes for children or adults experiencing sensory disorders, anxiety, stress, or issues related to autism. Children and adults without these disorders also benefit from the added weight and offer them a better rest at night.

The combination of the soft minky – chenielle fabric and the weight will give your child a very calming effect. The dimples on the reverse side of the blanket will also offer another added sensory benefit. I take special care in the construction of sewing this minky blanket. I create the quilt on the inside of the blanket, much like a duvet insert, which is then sewn into the minky material. Each pocket is filled with FDA Approved Fairfield poly-fil pellets. This allows you to have the normal appearance of a blanket rather than a quilt.

(These blankets are machine washable. Machine wash on it’s own in cool regular cycle, no fabric softener, tumble dry low heat)

We offer the weighted blanket in three sizes.
*Receiving 29 x 35 → Standard Baby/Toddler Blanket for Laps and Car Rides
*Toddler 40 x 44
*Tween 59 x 44 → Standard Throw Size Blanket                                                                                                                                                                               *Adult 71 x 59 → XL Standard Throw Size Blanket

*Easy to clean, machine wash tumble dry
*Double Sided Minky
*Made In Seattle WA
*Durable *Stylish *Quality

For an effective weighted blanket, you want to choose the appropriate weight for your child. From my own personal research below is the chart I would recommend when choosing. I suggest rounding up so that your child can benefit from it’s use for a longer period of time. If you feel that from your own personal experience and research that your numbers do not match up, please message me so that I can customize to your needs.

Child Weight / Blanket Weight (Receiving Blanket 29 x 35)
20 lbs / 3lbs
30 lbs / 4lbs
40 lbs / 5 lbs
50 lbs / 6 lbs
60 lbs / 7lbs

Child Weight / Blanket Weight (Toddler 40 x 44)
20 lbs / 3 lbs
30 lbs / 4 lbs
40 lbs / 5 lbs
50 lbs / 6 lbs
60 lbs / 7 lbs
70 lbs / 8 lbs

Adolescent Weight / Blanket Weight (Tween 59 x 44)
50 lbs / 8 lbs
60 lbs / 9 lbs
70 lbs / 10 lbs
80 lbs / 11 lbs
90 lbs / 12 lbs
100 lbs / 13 lbs
110 lbs / 14 lbs

Adult Weight / Blanket Weight (Adult 71 x 59)
70 lbs / 10 lbs
80 lbs / 11 lbs
90 lbs / 12 lbs
100 lbs / 13 lbs
110 lbs / 14 lbs
120 lbs / 15 lbs
130 lbs / 16 lbs
140 lbs / 17 lbs
150+ lbs / 18 lbs


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Weighted Blankets Sizes

Receiver 35×29 Lap Blanket 3LBS, Receiver 35×29 Lap Blanket 4LBS, Receiver 35×29 Lap Blanket 5LBS, Receiver 35×29 Lap Blanket 6LBS, Receiver 35×29 Lap Blanket 7LBS, Toddler 40×44 Blanket 3LBS, Toddler 40×44 Blanket 4LBS, Toddler 40×44 Blanket 5LBS, Toddler 40×44 Blanket 6LBS, Toddler 40×44 Blanket 7LBS, Toddler 40×44 Blanket 8LBS, Tween 59×44 Blanket 8LBS, Tween 59×44 Blanket 9LBS, Tween 59×44 Blanket 10LBS, Tween 59×44 Blanket 11LBS, Tween 59×44 Blanket 12LBS, Tween 59×44 Blanket 13LBS, Tween 59×44 Blanket 14LBS, Adult 71×59 Blanket 10 LBS, Adult 71×59 Blanket 11LBS, Adult 71×59 Blanket 12LBS, Adult 71×59 Blanket 13LBS, Adult 71×59 Blanket 14LBS, Adult 71×59 Blanket 15LBS, Adult 71×59 Blanket 16LBS, Adult 71×59 Blanket 17LBS, Adult 71×59 Blanket 18LBS

Printed Minky Choices

Bulls Eye / Grey, Explorer / Aqua, Floral Fields / Hot Pink, Mr.Hipster / Brown, Swatch Plaid / Black, Taupe Lattice / Cafe', Tweet Tweet / Violet, Houndscheck / Navy, Jumbo Dot Blue / Light Blue, Swiss Dot Blue / Light Blue, Alphabet / Grey, Quatrefoil Pink / Snow White, Houndscheck / Light PInk, Jumbo Dot Pink / Light Pink, Swiss Dot Pink / Pink, Damask Pink / Light Pink, Denim Chevron / Navy, Camo / Brown, Aviator / Teal, Bloom / Navy, Cowboy / Red, Robots / Gold, Dino / Kiwi, Forest Friends / Brown, Giraffes / Gold, Greek Key / Cafe, Grey Chevron / Aqua, Romance / Grey, True Timber Camo / Orange


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