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First Market of 2018

Over the weekend we had our 2018 debut of the trailer at the Pinology Market in Puyallup.  After a 2 hour scrub down with a high pressure hose this beauty was ready for the show. My son and I took her out on the Wednesday and headed to the local carwash to hose her down.  My trailer had been stored away for the winter and this was our first chance to bring it out, clean it up and show her off.

Once we got all of the moss and slime off from the cold Washington winter we were ready to drive over to Washington Fair Grounds and start the load in.  I always try to be the first one in on set up days. This gives me the chance to get in and park without being in anyone way. I can tell you some wild stories about the load ins I’ve had before. (small spaces, hanging lights I needed to drive under, pushing it into a barn door,etc.)



We were all set up and ready for the night to begin. The Pinology Market opens on Friday at  5:30pm for early bird and 6pm for general admin.  Shoppers were welcomed with  Live music , a wine bar and some of the best Makers in Seattle.

One of my favorite shops is run by a friend and artist Amber from Averie Lane.  She even hosted a painting class on this super cute vintage inspired trailer.


I was so excited that my daughter asked to come along and help me out. She’s been doing this with me since she was a baby. And honestly I can’t figure out why she still likes to come along. She is a rockstar with the customers and now that she’s older she just takes over. She could run the entire space by herself if she needed to.

From set up to teardown and everything inbetween !!  I suspect she really loves the other artists too. We love shopping together and chatting with amazing vendors we know and meeting new ones. She say’s it’s way better to shop here than at the mall where everything is the same.

I caught her taking some selfies while we were cleaning up. She couldn’t help the “Mirror” selfie. But, look at the details from my trailer she captured too. The embossed ceiling and the shiplap walls.  I can not even tell you how many times I get asked about the ceiling.  Yes this is wallpaper.  I wanted to use tin, but the time and expense was way over budget.  I had an an epiphany one day and ran to the local DIY store and found this for $8. It was not the prestick.  I bought all the paste and rollers and in 2 hours my ceiling was done. I did it all by myself and it was so forgiving and a real snap to put up.

This vintage Rose sun dress with matching bloomer and hair wrap is one of my favorite pieces right now.  I even made a coordinating laminated cotton lunch bag. I mean COME ON….. It’s just so stinken cute and is everything about END. I offer them in sizes 12mos, 2t and 4t.  But, the hair wraps are Infant to Adult.

I hope to be on the road more this year. So look out for ElonkaNichole on Wheels and the #snuggleinstyle.  Keep up to date with my markets by following me on instagram. Or if your not able to make it in person you can always find my stuff here on my website. 

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