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About Us


The Creation

A tireless search amongst ordinary and overused patterns left Elonka empty handed for that perfect décor to compliment her infant son’s room. This void sparked a creative mission to design unique and tasteful selections; the kind of item you buy for that special little person or grown-up in your life! A small personal line fulfilled that void and when word got out, she went from giving her creations as gifts to taking orders.

Her design goal from the beginning has been to craft quality pieces, research and source the best materials to offer customers high-end merchandise at  affordable prices. Designing beyond the ordinary to extraordinary!

Elonka Nichole Designs was established in 2008 and now has showrooms in 3 major markets: Seattle, Dallas and Atlanta. All the beautiful creations from Elonka Nichole Designs are handcrafted in her facility in the Pacific Northwest and available in stores nationwide.

The Inspiration

As a young child, Elonka was surrounded by design inspiration! She credits her grandmother for providing the backdrop of what ignited a passion for creating exceptional pieces to suit your personal style.  She recalls summers watching her grandmother lovingly sew, knit and create a variety of accessories for all her grandkids and remembers how it felt to receive such a precious gift.

Elonka’s initial plunge into the business came at a transitional time of life. She had an energetic and explorative toddler, adorable newborn and  the unfortunate passing of her beloved father. She channeled her energy into her work and expressed herself by creating items filled with love.

The Origination – What is the origin of the Mimi?

Elonka’s husband is Hispanic and filled with warm cultural expressions. When it was time to put the kids to bed they would say “It’s Mimi time” (Mimi is Spanish slang for night-night time). Choosing a name for the blankets with a sentimental meaning was easy and it seemed fitting to name her first creation Mimi!

The Approach – What is the inspiration for her designs?

Elonka is inspired by her beautiful children and how they play, explore and experience the world around them.  She loves creating one-of-a-kind clothing items and stuffed animals for her children too. Her passion for creating exceptional pieces to suit your personal style comes from her key sense of current trends in clothing and home furnishings. Elonka Nichole Designs offers luxurious indulgence with original designs from classic & contemporary to whimsical & retro flair… to celebrate the child in mind or the inner child in you.

Additional Information

Due to High Demand of our items, current wait times range anywhere from 4-6 weeks to 6-8 on certain Custom Orders such as Bedding, and Weighted Blankets. All sales are final. Processing times are business days. We are a small family owned business. Weekends and Holidays are spent with our kiddos and families
Studio Hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm


Elonka Perez
Telephone: 253-661-8211