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A Dream is a wish your heart makes….


I’m Winding down for the night like I usually do by reflecting on my day. A wise person once shared with me how therapeutic it is to write down your feelings. Being able to let go of things out of your control or living up to the dreams and goals you set for yourself. Holding yourself accountable.
I wonder though how many people still keep an old fashion diary…… I think in many ways Social media is like a diary for some. It preserves special moments and allows you to reflect at times. But, there’s something so special, private and meaningful about keeping a diary.
As many of those close to me know I am typically reserved, an introvert. I need my reflection time. My self evaluation time. Every night I evaluate and reset. Without it…. I’m a mess.
How about you…. do you keep a journal?
P.s. is it silly that my journal is Cinderella?
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